The Automotive Audio Innovation Hub

Empowering members to bring disruptive ideas to life in automotive audio and acoustics. 

The innovation hub includes two branches: the R&D Alliance and state-of-the-art Acceleration Lab makerspaces:

an experimental retreat for OEMs, component manufacturers, and technology providers.


The R&D Alliance

Knowledge sharing and co-creation 

A self-governed alliance with members representing each stage of the upstream value-chain engaging in a collaborative environment to generate novel approaches and technologies.  

The Acceleration Lab

Fully equipped, open-access makerspaces 

Featuring The Rig, the automotive audio sandbox for design and system layouts, plus access to components and software frameworks from R&D Alliance members, and consultation with the Acceleration Lab team of highly skilled engineers and acoustic experts. 

The Rig

An SUV-sized development sandbox for acoustic design and system layout  

The Rig features modular panels and extensive wiring network for highly adaptable speaker locations and configurationsThe Rig runs the leading software frameworks with robust onboard processing and familiar UX, UI center console unit to carry out tuning or playback functionalities.  

The Future of Automotive Audio Starts Here

A new era of innovation

In the capital-intensive automotive industry, the increasing complexity of vehicle systems combined with rising demand for advanced features requires enablement of rapid innovation and collaborative problem-solving.  

With Audio Foundry, the industry can shake off dull, stultifying, short-term thinking, and manifest ideas for the decade to come in automotive audio.  

Pain Relievers 

  • Experiment in the makerspace  
  • Foster new, innovative, and differentiated solutions through collaboration  
  • Reduce time-to-develop, time-to-sign-off, time-to-market  
  • Accelerate technology roadmaps 

Gain Creators

  • Access to expert-level consulting or collaboration  
  • Market research and market news 
  • Promotion through the Alliance marketing channels 
  • Facilitated partnerships for opportunities in production  
  • Hosted industry workshops, hackathons  
  • Co-promotion and co-exhibiting opportunities