Creating a new paradigm for automotive audio

Audio Foundry is the first-of-its-kind social workspace and collaborative makerspace designed exclusively for advanced automotive audio ideation, prototyping, benchmarking, and advanced research. This unique, members-only hub provides access to cutting-edge tools and premium Peerless audio components.


The Makerspace

Fully equipped, state-of-the-art location in Wales, UK 

Boasting specialized spaces such as a listening room, a measurement room, and a studio room, members can enjoy exclusive access to best-in-class hardware and software solutions from our members, including Peerless components and DSP Concepts Audio Weavers, among others. The Makerspace boasts fully equipped workbenches, wood and metal workshops, and advanced 3D-printing capabilities like Modix 3DP and Object 3DP. Additionally, it offers hot desks, meeting rooms, and spaces for conferences and events. 

The Rig

An SUV-sized development sandbox for acoustic design and system layout  

Offering an easily adjustable and modifiable acoustic environment, The Rig boasts almost limitless locations (both traditional and non-traditional) for speaker placement and features modular panels for seamless and adaptable installation. The Rig also features Audio Weaver, a fully integrated debug toolkit for both hardware and software, complemented by a multifaceted tuning toolkit to guarantee precise and optimal sound output. 

The future of automotive audio starts here

Uniting the best minds to pioneer a new era in car audio  

Automotive OEMs, Tier 1 suppliers, cutting-edge technology providers, and elite universities come together in a unique space dedicated to audio design and prototype validation. Achieving remarkable time savings from development to sign-off, participants receive expert guidance from our team of engineers and technicians within an innovation-driven environment.  


  • Early system concept validation 
  • Accelerated development
  • Experiential design flexibility
  • In-vehicle concept presentation
  • Fully equipped workspaces
  • Dedicated prototype vehicle
  • Onsite audio experts


  • Playback and microphone system design 
  • Voice and NVH solutions
  • Acoustic benchmarking
  • Audio-design studies
  • A/B testing and virtual simulation
  • Proof-of-concept delivery
  • Modeling and tuning direction